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Market sentiment is getting stronger

As an organic part of the real estate market and home improvement markets, to warm the industry would suffer a knock-on effect of the new deal in the property market is in doubt. However, some unexpected warm enterprises is thought to the third and fourth quarter could suffer "unexpected" come early in June. &Nbsp;

the developer delayed starts, overflowing with warm materials library  

"the coffers are filled, but dealers said the developer has not begun, slowly. "The property market after the company suffered the knock-on effects of the new deal, a business manager of the production and sale of heating cable some unexpected.   

as the new darling of warm materials, heating cable in residential applications of sharp growth in recent years, many mainstream heating cable manufacturers in the past two years are based on the development of an increase of at least 80%. Such momentum continued into the first months of the year. After the Spring Festival in May, a company's engineering contract volume manager have been very happy with it. According to reports, have signed a purchase contract, many projects paving area reached hundreds of thousands of square meters. But recently, in accordance with the contract should have been delivered a large number of heating cable in the near future because the developer delayed starts and you have continued to pile up in warehouses. "Urged dealers at a time, the other replies are much the same: ' your goods I would, but developers haven't started, wait and see. ' "This Manager quite helpless:" my coffers are filled! "  

because of the lessons of the 2008 world financial crisis, quite a warm feeling after the market introduction the new deal real estate industry there will be a new influx of wait-and-see, and will ultimately affect the heating industry. Just didn't think this would come so early.   

many warm people still remember clearly that the international financial crisis that began in 2008 on the effect of floor heating industry. Now, whilst the consumer sentiment for completely different from 2008, but on the objective effects are very similar to the property market. Real estate this year introduced the new deal soon, the wait-and-see mood in the market is growing. Media coverage of relevant data related to the property market makes this wait-and-see mood is further aggravated. Statistics show that cities May reduce volume by half. In its monitoring of the 30 cities, deal almost fell, around 44%. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Nanjing have fallen to historically low levels. Nationwide, the National Bureau of statistics showed that in May, the national housing sales in 70 cities rose to a 14-month low, sales area, and sales fell by 15.8% and 25%, prices jumped was dropped for the first time in 14 months. Central series of harsh control the real estate market and consumer under the double impact of wait-and-see mentality, many investors thinking about turning back and retreating. More developers like developers and the company intends to use a heating cable, delayed progress in the wait-and-see. It is obvious that developers based on actions in wait-and-see mentality completely disrupted heating enterprises like a company's strategic plan.   

in China, production and sales of wall-hung boiler products, b company in June failed to survive. According to company manager Wang introduced, under the influence of housing policies, the company in June, significantly reduced the amount of signing the first-tier cities project, which pulled down the growth rate of the company overall in June to sign.   

dealers "Weathercock", materials are no longer secure   

"if we can continue to stay in the first 4 months of growth for achieving the sales target for this year, we can sit back and relax. But due to the knock-on effects of the new deal, if we do not take extraordinary measures, achieve sales will be a challenge. "In mid-June, told a press conference on the impact of new policies on the property market to warm the industry is relatively optimistic in an interview with c company Manager, recently again has changed the tone in an interview with reporters.   

involved in floor heating pipe production and sale of c has a sound and stable distribution channels, it is relying on the stable distribution channels, c company's sales of warm pipes have been speeding growth in recent years. This growth has also been kept by May of this year. Manager Li says, in both the production and marketing situation, most of the company's sales with confidence, "they can easily watch the World Cup and then to consider heating tube sales. "In this regard, the Manager explained:" because this growth trend continues, will meet this year's sales target is an easy thing. "However, since the beginning of June, the company's sales of warm pipes are extraordinary changes have occurred--compared with the same period last year, growth is still considerable, but compared with May, growth has been negligible.   

Manager Li discovered during analysis of reasons leading to this result, had not caused the company attached great importance to the knock-on effects of the new deal in the property market is one of the main reasons. Li told reporters that in the engineering market and home of wait-and-see mood spreading in the market context, developers are slowing progress or delay start, owners give up renovation or extension of decoration, such as a chain reaction all prompt dealers to become extremely cautious. Out of consideration to reduce risk, planned a one time purchase bulk dealers to buy heating tubes in batches of warm pipes, intended to stock up in advance of warm pipes warm items to dealers in the absence of identified cases, not stock up in advance. Extension for each dealer purchases or abandon the purchase sum of warm pipes, along with other factors have contributed to the sales decline, eventually led to a precipitous drop in June sales gains of c company.

according to Lee Manager, previously identified by c company of warm pipes in many warm items, originally scheduled for construction in late June, is now said to have been postponed until July. Manager Li, these warm project July whether started is difficult to determine. Since late May appear in this dramatic shift in company c may only be temporary, but in the eyes of Manager Lee, if this trend is not reversed, can achieve and flat compared with last year's sales performance was not bad. "In that case, our sales in the days when there may be loss of sleep. "Li Jingli laughs.   

c changes in floor heating pipe sales since late May, also appears in the same involved in floor heating pipe of d company. According to the d company Manager Zhao said, because of the large base, the company of warm pipes in January to May this year to achieve a growth of about 40%. And c companies, under the influence of new policy and consumer sentiment in the property market, entered since late May, as determined by d company of warm pipes started many projects delayed, the company in June to warm the pipe sales growth significantly slowed.


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