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Heating radiators quality concern

2008 exhibition, there are hundreds of factories, the most eye-catching is the increase in international brand. When asked about the Italy brand (SIRA) why enter the Chinese market, exhibitors say the brand's international popularity is high and the huge China market to meet consumer demand for high-end products. A certain share of the local market of Sen de, flame Florence, Rui new brands is not a sign of weakness, they have introduced a lot of new energy-saving products, whether it is heating, gas heating, still warm, highlighting energy saving, promote quality is the theme of this Expo, and reflect leading trends in the industry the importance of product quality. &Nbsp;

heating radiator Committee of China construction metal structure Association Director song Weimin said 20 years fast-growing industries, industrial restructuring and diversified market structure; brand-building achievements, there are 25 enterprises won the "China home inspection-free product", 30 companies awarded "China heating radiator industry famous brand products". This shows that enterprises attach great importance to product quality, continuously improve product quality has become a brand building is essential.  

in fact most say consumers should be, some consumers basically see eye to eye: buy a radiator first appearance, the second is the quality of products, and the third was installed after-sales service. One of the most important issue is the quality of the product. Why? Modern radiator is a new industry, used to be the traditional cast iron radiator, and project a unified install, citizens do not consider these issues. In recent years the cost of living has improved, consumers began to consider the aesthetic shape of the radiator. About what consumers are most concerned about? Flame heating Chairman Wang said: according to the torch to heat more than more than 30 chains, seen more than more than 20 outlets in Beijing, radiator the main issue is the quality of the product, the ratio should be around 40%, parts 30%, otherwise 30%.  

it is understood that standard heating service company like flame heating some, especially the high market share of brand reputation, and compared to norms. But there are a substantial part of the product quality is not high, no professional installation team, together with spare parts not of uniform quality, service problems, causing a number of accidents and disputes. Beijing due to heater product quality problems had occurred, causing loss of 420,000 yuan to consumer cases. So while more and more consumers like new radiator, but give us some problems should be taken seriously. According to professional sources, in order to regulate the heating market, relating to radiators and other HVAC equipment installation standards will be introduced.


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