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Cold air heating appliance due to enter the shopping season

With the new cold front hit, declining temperature these days in Shenzhen City, heaters, air conditioners, water heaters, bathroom heater, heaters and other winter heating appliances become the Objects of consumer demand. Major companies have to seize the opportunity, first to launch a variety of heating appliances to gain market share. It seems that this "cold air" complete with heat heating home appliance sales. &Nbsp;

more powerful heating appliance many styles,  

reporters visited Shenzhen major appliance chain stores found that a wide range of heating appliances have occupied the counter the most visible position, the stand was filled with consumers to buy heating appliances. As living standards improve, consumers ' increasing demand for the appliances selected, only a single heating function heating appliances can no longer meet the needs of consumers.  

heating appliances on the market both in design and function, are more comprehensive than traditional heating appliances, and humane, higher technology content. These heating appliances in addition to heating, humidification, dust control, oxygen bar, intelligent practical features such as temperature control, remote control, you can turn. Meanwhile, some heaters also became the home of the unique decoration and personalized part of life.  

common heating appliances are mainly oil-Ting, heater fan, far-infrared heater, heaters, air conditioners and other products. When consumers buy the best first-determine their own local heating whole heating, then according to their respective characteristics, select the right product. For home insulation for average users, you can select a far-infrared heaters, warm some local heating, fans, appliances, home appliances of that type can not only directed the local space heating can also close for warmth, even in an enclosed space can also achieve better heating effect, but small, relatively cheap. For home insulation for a good user, you can choose the overall heating oil Ting, heaters and other heating appliances, Ting generates more heat, oil, and gas and does not harm human health or produce noise, fan heater heating speed and directional strong heating.  

buying products to select the regular Mall:  

Although more varieties and styles of heating appliances on the market, however consumers choose products not only have to consider electric heater to heat up speed and power, but also on the use of security issues, otherwise it is easy to cause electrical burn, or even cause a fire to endanger life.  

now the "three noes" products, counterfeit products flooding the market situation still exist, consumers buy heating appliances to choose a regular Mall, ensure the quality of products. Industry experts remind consumers that heater products, technological threshold is relatively low, the product quality, must have professional skills, intensive mass production manufacturers that have the capacity to ensure product safety, so it is best to choose the brand products not only pegged to the price. The manufacturing cost for each product is different, some unscrupulous manufacturers in pursuit of market profits, using inferior parts to reduce cost of production, produced by the heater poses a serious security risk.  

Second, consumers need to be aware of the brands provide after-sales service, product after-sales service are key parts of the home appliance market. It is understood that the well-known brand service for a three-year, on-site services are in place; kitchen products is no onsite inspection, maintenance and other services, even production workshop, but to some clandestine manufacture.  

Government should step up supervision heater industry  

currently, most domestic heater manufacturer's technology is still at a relatively low level. It is understood that the product mainly reflected in the safety standard of understanding, process development, quality control testing, and so on.  

in fact, for heater product components are used, many of the factories is not very deep knowledge and understanding, describes the manufacturer level is relatively low. Component compliance cannot be judged based solely on the certificate, and combined with the practical environment considerations, or is not safe to use. In this regard, many industry insiders said, I hope the Government can step up its supervision, the threshold of the increasing competition in the industry, let the heater the healthy development of the industry.


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