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Heating radiator industry inflection point at accelerating the pace of innovation

Heating radiator industry for more than 20 years in China have developed rapidly, especially in recent years, new radiator booming industries diversified market structure, the industry vibrant and achievements. With 25 companies were the "national inspection-free product" status, with 30 brand won the "China heating radiator industry famous brand", also received the award for the State and the Ministry of construction, Ministry. China heating radiator industry is facing some problems: rising raw material prices, relatively low technical threshold, relative lack of talent, adjustment of the national industrial policy, the Yuan's appreciation and other factors. &Nbsp; 

     in addition, widespread snow in southern people's production, lives dramatic impact, because these provinces are non-traditional heating areas, outdoor unit of air conditioner not heating properly because of regular frosting, can arise because heating of the vacuum, and economical and convenient heating radiator Changjiang river basin and the southern region's heating needs. Heating products supplied to the market, radiator products substantially exceeded the boilers, supply in the first place, its supply in the entire heating supply market share has greatly improved, and more share than other heating products. Heatsink a very large improvement in the supply, increase the supply of heating and radiator fast, easy to install features have a lot to do with market expectations optimism, larger amount; wanted listings in the radiator increases were in great demand, and demand. China international construction markets Vice President Yuan Qing, heating radiator industry marketing experts said that along with economic development and people's income increases and implementation of the national policy on energy-saving and temperature control of heat metering, independent heating will become the country especially the Yangtze River Valley and the area south of the main way of heating.   

    , radiator type and characteristic analysis of   

    1, cast iron radiators: the biggest advantage is the corrosion resistance. But the high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution, weight, appearance, poor quality, low pressure, backward technology, sand the inner cavity, do not meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, has been listed as a country is phasing out products.   

    2, steel pipe column radiator: beautiful shape, curve, but manufactured to different steel tubes welded together, weld, and weld is not easy to do. And because the bent shape, bend pipe wall thinning, the existence of hidden; pipe-type radiator on its pipe outside wall heat transfer, heat transfer area is small, relatively poor heat dissipation.   

    3, and aluminum business thermal device: to aluminum for raw materials, quality light, thermal effect good. but due to aluminum material itself of features, easily processing manufacturing, styling Shang not easy diversification, home loaded of high requirements easily meet, welding process Shang also exists must problem; aluminum material alkali corrosion serious, due to heating system boiler and the pipeline more for steel business, for protection system, water General is alkaline, so aluminum business thermal device must do within anti-corrosion, but within anti-corrosion quality hard guarantee. In addition, aluminum and other metals prone to corrosion, and so cannot have the same mix of steel products, copper products and strict control of content of copper and iron in water.

4, copper-aluminum compound radiator: copper and aluminium two materials as raw material, water pipe for copper in contact with the heating system, outer wall made of aluminium. Copper corrosion, copper and aluminum heat transfer performance is good. But if the products of two kinds of composite material is not good, because two different heat transfer material, heat dissipation is not good. While manufacturing process is difficult, difficult welding, the appearance of limited forms, product quality is not guaranteed. While chlorine ions in the water and on the formation of copper corrosion; in addition, sulfate ion oxidation of copper sulphide, water is also the main causes of corrosion of copper sulfides in, and weld because of weld formation of electro-chemical corrosion caused by the potential difference, and the brass is thin, it's easy to weld leak.   

    5, steel panel radiators: with steel as raw materials, manufactured by be on fire when some pieces and convection. Be on fire in part by two pieces of roll formed steel plates welded together, thermal area, the plate will not deform and easy welding. Cleaner production technology, environmental protection, product appearance, generous, good decoration effect, high bearing capacity, good heat dissipation, which can effectively save energy, meet the energy saving and environmental protection requirements. But steel radiator need full water maintenance during non-heating, at present, some parts of the heating system can not do full water maintenance or man-made causes the system to not water maintenance.  

     two tone, demand, energy-saving double   

     according to Ministry of civil affairs statistics, 08 snow spread 21 a province (district, and city), which Hunan, and Guizhou, and Jiangxi, and Anhui, and Hubei, and Guangxi, and Sichuan, province (district) affected more serious, many family even basic of heating are cannot guarantee, snow to people of production, and life brings major effect, while also Description: Yangtze River basin and South of provinces, non-traditional heating area of winter actually also is cold, Air-conditioning is commonly used in the South to control the temperature of the compressor.   

     the main functions of the compressor refrigeration, heating effect is not good, and power consumption, energy consumption, increase the burden. Most crucially at this year's winter weather, a lot of air conditioner outdoor unit Frost doesn't often use. These areas do not have central heating, therefore, independent heating system, huge market demand was sparked by a heavy snow, a heating system in emerging markets.   

     of market raw materials "double attack"   

     China international construction markets Vice President Yuan Qing, heating radiator industry marketing experts pointed out that radiator industry currently is showing a "fierce" competition, on the one hand is the stronger party, on the other hand weak conflict, so must recognize the industry's ills.   

     from the market point of view, the heating industry is far from healthy competition, to some extent, there are hybrid varieties, less innovation, less production, boutique, businesses, brands and other phenomena. Relevant data show that domestic radiator more than there are about more than 1200 enterprises, big and small, and in fact on the strength, size, with independent innovation enterprises of less than 50, and makes efforts to all want a share of a small business, and slow product replacement.

from the material point of view, the current Chinese radiator market to high energy consumption, high pollution cost and development. At present, the market is still old-fashioned and clumsy, rough cast iron radiator occupies half of the country, cannot meet the needs of the people and national advocate energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection requirements. Relevant data show that current social Terminal converted into electricity energy consumption totaled 2 trillion per year, total energy consumption up to second in the world, building energy consumption in 1/4 of the total national energy consumption and heating energy consumption accounted for 55%. From this point of view, the radiator industry in China's technological innovation and product replacement is necessary.   

     aluminum radiator has a high market share in Europe, with national energy-saving emission reduction policies gradually implemented and consumers on decorative radiator, economy are required to further improve, aluminum radiator will become more and more popular with consumers of all ages. By then, most of the enterprises of high energy-consuming production cast iron radiators will be forced to be a hard transition, traditional radiator enterprises face challenges, impact on the industry is huge.   

     four, market disruption of service   

     industry expert said that services market of domestic heating also need specification. At present, the heating market, there are 5 common acts of disharmony of harming the interests of consumers. Such as "reducing the number of radiator configuration" to implement the so-called "cheap", "false heat" to exaggerate the effects of heating, "overcharged installed material costs" to grab the best interests, "discount service" to shirk its responsibility, "standard for the installation of lower" pursuit to save effort, and so on.   

     radiator service rarely got on the table by enterprises, although these markets are irresponsible for SMEs, but the fact is many businesses and the industry will have to face and solve one of the most important issues, as it severely damaged the healthy development of the industry and the interests of consumers.   

     under the influence of external factors and internal factors, China heating radiator industry is bound to face a "natural selection" knockout, shuffle and repositioning of the industry is inevitable.   

     v, in "turning point" accelerate innovation   

     with the introduction of foreign technology and product research escalated, China heating radiator industry driven by new technologies, has achieved rapid development in recent years, now the national radiator manufacturer more than 1200 companies and a host of more than a billion of large heating radiator manufacturer, total production from about 500 million pieces of 100 million tablets to the present, GDP increased from 1.5 billion to 10 billion yuan, China has become the world's largest heating radiator production and use of power.  

     China construction metal structure Association Deputy Secretary General, China heating radiator Committee Director song Weimin believes that opening up the international market, companies meet global competition is inevitable choice, but lack of management of some enterprises and accumulated international experience, lack of technical expertise. "Any industrial development gave birth to mature markets show how industry and the competition of brands. Radiator industry on the idea of competition is ' fierce ' or has entered the ' deep end ', but in a rational market observation, is in fact boosting the concentration of brands, the result is a competitive business or brand will get more opportunities and market share. Heating radiator industry marketing expert Yuan Qing said, under the new market conditions, sticking to the original business model, followed the so-called empirical approach is clearly impossible, who can pulse edge, innovative ideas and who will be able to Yong Li forefront.

products are small Affairs    relates to the people;

     China building metal structure Association Deputy President Li Jianzhong had pointed out that, heating radiator industry in whole construction in the although said not Shang big industry, but it is relationship with people winter heating of event, its products production and using relationship with national energy resources save, for construction energy-saving province to type building has important of role, and products of styling, and quality on improved people live environment, and improve life quality are has effect. Professor, Tsinghua University, a famous radiator xiaoyuerong radiator industry and this is also the conclusion of the product in a warm public and beautify the lives, social stability, and promoting harmony, radiator cause significance should not be underestimated.   

     strength increases with a brand-name condition   

     "brand will be the radiator industry a top priority this year. "Heating radiator Committee of China construction metal structure Association Director song Weimin to come straight to the saying," radiator industry will focus on create Chinese famous brand, internal and external communication, heating system improvements, and industry standards, such as four aspects of work, which creates brand in the first place, the importance attached to it, also fully demonstrated the importance of brands in the radiator industry development. "  

     in recent years, due to the industry groups with good leadership, enterprise work actively, the radiator industry has made rapid development. Now there are radiators production more than 1500 companies, and a host of ultra large heatsink billion manufacturer, became worthy of the world's largest heating radiator production and use of power.   

     in the process of carrying out famous brand strategy, industry associations, actively guide enterprises to improve product quality, continuous innovation, the development of the core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and on this basis to create and enhance corporate brand. This shows in the quality assurance system and regulatory system, the radiator industry in China has deserves recognition model of the enterprise.   

     This shows that the radiator industry in China is not only is the world's largest in terms of size, but also have to develop its own brand, improve the conditions of industrial added value.   

     six, conclusion: innovation, energy saving, environmental protection as well as a number of   

     in modern people's living environment, heating radiator has changed the image of old clumsy heavy cast iron radiator, replaced by light, energy saving and environmental protection, quality economy, copper, aluminum, steel and other materials of the new radiator.   

     Chinese radiator market a broad space for development, many international leading radiator makers in China, eyeing to eat the cake, making many companies have a sense of crisis, but also to the need for increased export orders, domestic radiator companies have launched new projects in recent years, the continuous improvement of technology, improve product quality, with special attention to innovation and protection of intellectual property rights.


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