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New trends in national consumer custom television generation demand

The old saying goes, gold, nine silver, ten, was married before and after the national day of year, renovation of the peak season. But recently, the reporter visited electronics stores to find compared to previous years, stores popularity significantly earlier than ever before. In order to find out what reporters conducted field investigation in stores, sales staff told reporters that the now generation, 85 people have become the main force of home appliance purchase, these young consumers usually busy, busy after the holidays and vacation, leisure, no time to go shopping. Plus the store brand variety, dazzling, often do not know how to choose and store cold a lot of popularity than in previous years. When a reporter asked what kind of appliance is satisfactory when the appliance, a generation couples are given the answer, "too rigid, we don't like the same things, if you have appliances can be customized, and under my idea I would customize one, belonging to their household appliances in the home."

I bought my    Commander appliance customization had become the fashion

the "custom" term comes from France's Haute Couture, often represents the leading edge of fashion. Just patents belonging to minorities. But with the development of society, and negative impacts of industrial production growing, widespread serious oversupply of Terra,. And social progress, people's personalized to manifest compared to monotonous and repetitive in the industrialized production of goods, more and more people want to be able to purchase the highly personalized and unique merchandise. Based on this, ordering economy entered the main hall. And as one of the most humane economy, become a highly touted new economic model.

clothes, shoes and hats can be customized, jewellery, decoration can be customized, cars, villas can also be customized; but if you think of these products can be customized, you're OUT. With the increasing change consumption concept, the eyes of the consumer more and more "picky", as big-ticket home appliances in the House also began experimenting with customization.


  "but home appliances can also choose their design, their various functions, this is amazing", 85 Liu after experiencing "Commander, designed my wonderful world", the Commander household appliances custom design showed very strong interest. It is understood that General Electric because of its unique concept of customized and personalized home appliance solutions, is gradually becoming the fashion choice for young people to buy appliances.

it is understood that custom appliances the tide of, originate from the Haier Group this year introduced customized brand in the Internet era--the Commander of electrical appliances, this new appliance brands to meet the needs of people eager to show personality in the Internet era, through customization, consumers can not only meet the needs of their individual appliances, can become a household electrical appliance Designer, experience the fun of participating in appliance design.

I need only pay    "custom" Commander in simple fashion

a TV can watch programs, also can use the remote control to play games; a washing machine like a computer can own programming; a refrigerator is provided with a screen and can download recipes on the Internet ... ... With the advancement of technology, household electrical appliances are given more and more functions. So what is the consumers really need, simple function stack can bring a personalized experience to consumers?

"TV is now so much, in fact, many do not have, I just want to pick an easy one, on the line can satisfy my needs" and decided to give TV replacement Ms Chui in the face of all kinds of products on the market, I do not know how to choose. Commander appearance customized appliances can be solved the problem of Xu.

Commander-in-Chief TV television segment for specifications, backlight, appearance, function, the base of five modules, consumers can select product specifications according to personal preferences, customize your favorite color, with different modules are combined to make your own personalized TV set. While paying for the needed functionality and features that are not needed for free. In addition even the boot screen, consumers can also be independent according to the preference setting, romantic wedding, warm and happy family, where consumers are the Commander in television's "designer", all final purchases of own design, tailored to every function can be called from the appearance of the right products, truly realized the demand for consumer-centric.

industry insiders said, custom appliances not only new experiences in the lives of people, also broke the same plight, mass production industry, creating a new Internet appliance customization mode. As the world's first brand of Haier brand, general electrical help consumers achieve the dream of personalized home appliances, real emancipation of consumer demand, setting off a wave of home appliances custom fashion, enjoy stylish living in the era of the Internet will become the preferred brands.


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