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Wallpaper market dazzle

Large boards can be intuitive to see the overall effect of tile

recently, I discovered in an interview, wallpapers price marking is very messy, which makes consumers started to buy wallpaper is a little "Parc". On the label, has more than 10, dozens of Yuan, also has eight hundred or nine hundred, one thousand or two thousand Yuan price, and it is an price, 1 square meter price tag, 1 meter price tag, but also some wallpaper 1 volume price. Prices are slightly cheaper, generally in accordance with the price of 1 square or 1 meter, priced at 800 Yuan or more, generally are full volume prices. Sales personnel, which makes consumers feel the chaos of price, is the result of wallpapers of different specifications. Because of different origin, some wallpaper in accordance with generally accepted standards of packaging, or 0.53 meter X10 meter specification, this is generally in accordance with the "volume" as the unit price, such as Korea made some wallpapers, not according to the specification, so businesses under 1 square meters, or 1 meter price logo. After careful investigation, I found wallpaper environmental problem is far more complicated than the list price.

on their own is very difficult  DIY wallpaper is not selected

some young people also buy wallpaper online, but online is not responsible for construction, some stores have paid conditions of construction in the same city, there are also some online shop simply put up wallpaper construction DIY tutorials allow buyers on their own. Experts believe that the wallpaper construction with strong professional, without knowledge of the consumer if you want to post your own wallpaper, it is very difficult. On one hand, wallpaper in the foundation walls required for construction will be relatively high, but until the papering, you also need to paint the basement membrane, these processes do not have professional construction knowledge and technology consumers are a bit too hard. Therefore, for online shopping, wallpaper best hired professional builders completed construction, the cost should be around dozens of Yuan/square meter.

overall out of "environmentally unfriendly" era   environmental performance there are still differences of different materials

professionals don't think wallpaper is a question of environmental protection, they say, with the wallpaper design and technological upgrades, rich visual effect is achieved by coating it incomparable and environmental protection has been greatly improved, therefore, wallpapers and fire it up.

in fact, from wallpaper into the home's history, experience not environmental stage. Feels like plastic, the smell of formaldehyde, posted on the wall caused the walls airtight, the most vexed is easy to fall off blistering ... ... Consumer Ms Zhao talk about the year wallpaper, she said, because of these problems after use, are not concerned about this material for a long time. Ms Xu is very keen on wallpaper, she feels now wallpaper is very beautiful, friends also used and didn't hear what happened.

in large building materials market, for our "wallpaper not environmental" concerns, all the store's sales staff gave a negative answer. Professionals say wallpaper really has come out of the "environmentally unfriendly" era, there are two factors: first, the formal, large stores now selling wallpaper, the materials used are eco-friendly materials that are used. Second, pasting wallpaper used in adhesives, starch glue and the glue. Either glue is made of natural raw material, than once was widely used in pasting wallpaper glue, adhesives used by environmental effects now stronger.

Meanwhile, in visits to the wallpaper store, labels on a wide variety of materials makes us giddy. Judging from the texture, usually identified as a paper-based, such as PVC, non-woven cloth. From the sales staff and experts understand, wallpaper material on the market today mainly in plain paper, PVC, non-woven cloth, cotton cloth, and so on. Decoration company's professional field, different quality wallpapers for different materials, such as PVC material environmental performance may be less than the cotton material of wallpaper.

for different materials wallpaper how to select, professionals say, different characteristics of different material used in the wallpaper, and when consumers choose which wallpaper in a room, revealed the value of these attributes. For example, PVC wallpaper materials have certain waterproof function, can be used in a bathroom in the dry zone and cotton quality wallpapers of air permeability is good, in the living room, the bedroom using good.

Although the wallpaper is not decoration of the mainstream market, brand is relatively small, but except for some security of large stores and brand wallpaper, wallpaper market there is still "small" kitchen confusion, quality cannot be guaranteed due to the wallpaper, so when consumers in the purchase, should still be carefully identified.


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