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Liquid paint wallpaper Web search high rate of consumer and environmental protection

Now known as "liquid wallpaper  " wall painting appeared in the building materials market, have both wallpapers design features, and wall paint the advantages of low cost, long life. Hundreds of designs with different background and construction methods, can change thousands of wall decoration.

process and method of use of raw materials to ensure its environmental performance  

liquid wallpaper is a new art paint, also known as wallpaper paint  , is a set of wallpaper and paint   of environmental protective coatings that combines features of  . Its environmental performance, first starting with the raw material. According to reports, the main raw materials of such liquid wallpaper taken from the surface of the shell body shell and is formed by high-temperature treatment, by means of acrylic emulsion, made of titanium dioxide, pigment and other additives, materials within thus avoiding pollution.  

liquid wallpaper detonated home-market consumers   shouted, "fresh" green  

in addition, as we all know, wallpaper the main raw material is natural, less contaminated paper material and micro-suspension PVC resins, does not contain harmful substances such as lead, benzene, compared with other chemical decoration material, almost without toxicity. But when decorating your wallpaper, but need to use the wall surface, wall adhesives may be lead, mercury and other heavy metals as well as aldehydes, and indirectly lead to the indoor environment pollution. Liquid wallpaper is a water paint, so that will drive the process of using walls of plastic pollution and the pungent smell, so as to ensure environmental safety of the product. Also, because it is a water paint, it also has good moisture-proof, anti-bacterial properties, not disease, anti-aging.  

liquid hot wallpaper   reflected people's health awareness  

last renovation, paint, latex paint is widely used, almost 100% home decoration will select it for convenience to use, when people in fashion, personality, is not too much for its aesthetic pursuit.  

but with the improvement of environmental and health consciousness, people begin to look for a moderate price, species-rich, personalized decoration materials, carbon fiber liquid wallpaper   was born, and people enthusiastically, meet people's quality of life.  

carbon fiber liquid wallpaper makes indoor environment more beautiful, environmental protection, improved the quality of people's lives to avoid formaldehyde, benzene material harm to the human body, so that people can live a life of ease and comfort, this is a modern, urban people have been looking forward to.  

innovative scientific research   quality of life change  

liquid wallpaper is carbon fiber fiber coatings synthesized by polymerization of carbon, the coating has the stereoscopic effect, moisture, environmental protection and other advantages, was Lin Lu group research and development, is a world class scientific research has a vital role in the scientific process.

wallpaper very high cost performance of the coating is produced, and varied in style, can purify the indoor air environment, especially in the newly renovated family, this wallpaper is very beautiful, indoors can be a visual treat, people living in the city, you can also play a role in relieving stress. Liquid wallpaper on the walls gives a warm feeling, quality of life can be greatly enhanced and improved.  

through the use of carbon fiber liquid wallpaper of the household survey, nearly 98% family say after using the wallpaper, fresh indoor environment, outside is not much difference in this one, there are a vast majority of people that are willing to buy carbon fiber liquid wallpaper again, during the investigation, some people expressed an interest in using liquid wallpaper to change indoor environment.  

author very pleased, people has knows how better to enjoy life, improve living, people has not just stay in material Shang of meet, also has on spirit of life of pursuit, imagine Dang toil running has day, returned to home see liquid wallpaper wonderful of pattern, and dazzling of color, prompted you and it produced resonance and information of Exchange, completely touches has you of emotional chord, such of indoor atmosphere only warm.


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