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Brand furniture piece greedy businessmen charged setup fee

Plain Mr dear bought brand furniture, businesses say are substandard, to charge a setup fee. Finally, consumer protection Committee under the control of the plain, and businesses free of charge installation.

it is understood that Sir at 5790 Yuan to buy furniture, boss promised free delivery and free installation. Halfway but furniture installation, installers said in a hurry to go out one day and who would have thought that, after two or three days and also not to proceed with the installation. Zhang fought three times in succession, the answer was bought by Mr Zhang is the handle of the furniture, merchants are not responsible for the installation, if you want to install a pay a setup fee. Zhang then complained.

according to Mr Zhang's Consumer Protection Committee staff call furniture city to call for information. Assistant claimed that it was the store's rules, processing furniture free installation. Staff to learn more about determining reflection is true. After consulting with businesses agree with free installation. To address the worries, consumer protection Committee staff asked the boss to issue a credit voucher, if furniture quality can occur at any time in the future to find businesses, furniture should be free during the warranty period to solve.

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