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A whole wardrobe of "Dark Rose" 10% under the influence of raw material prices

Due to continuing increases in raw material prices, resulting in a whole wardrobe starting from the first half of this year is up a. Available inventory before may offset cost pressures, but at the moment, the reporter found, many wardrobe brand as a whole had secretly raised retail prices, so far this year has risen by about 10%, many industry insiders believe, the current price of a whole wardrobe is a foregone conclusion.


costs soared, the original pricing system could not support the

not long ago, journalists interviewed Hollywood guests, Sofia, Federal Gordon, reuzo piano, local whole wardrobe brand, its head of sales said, because of the rapid rise in prices of imported raw materials, plus shipping and processing costs increased, the whole wardrobe prices moderate increases are inevitable. Hollywood CHIM-Burma, General Manager Yang said, a whole wardrobe of price increases this year is a foregone conclusion, Hollywood has slightly raised the price of some products in the first half of this year, again adjusted the prices of some products last month, different product price increases are not the same, but should rise an average of about 10%. Federal said Lai, Gordon, and even now still not price brand, will be adjusted to the end of, "now all of our plates has a 15%. Hardware was also working, transportation costs are going up, are unable to stretch, not prices that is a lie. ”

compared with the brands and ambiguous attitude, some low-end whole wardrobe is actually rising. Novo ya closet dealer Chen said this year at relatively low prices rally logs are also very obvious, getting goods from manufacturers, has raised prices twice this year raised the ratio of around 10% to 5% at the beginning of April and early, so Cabinet retail prices last month has begun to adjust, increase ratio of about 10%. Several cabinets around brands also said current prices have already begun to adjust, some are preparing to adjust amplitude is between 8%-15%, "could not support, not up there is no way. ”

fewer discounts and other "Dark Rose" unspoken rules

However, in the context of the current economic downturn, prices will have the courage to say not every brand. It is an online custom cabinetry brands responsible person said, just enter the Cabinet industry, not thinking about raising the price in the near future, it will give more favorable discount.

according to Pi Anuo wardrobe Chairman said, statistics show just got company, Cabinet raw materials rose 10% hardware 25%-up 30%, while household appliances prices rose after 51 5%, the current cabinet market retail price has not changed, but there may be fewer discounts ways to reflect price increases. The European head of wardrobe said, the current cabinet industry is highly competitive, and companies try to absorb cost pressures, and until now have not received notification of price increases. However, she also said that as a result of the new material or adding a new technology, part of the new price adjustments will be minor.

the reporter, part wardrobe brand at around 9, October price increase by 10%. In addition, some brands made clear that discounts this year will be less than last year. Although no prices in the second half of this year, but for one year is about to end discounts and "restore original".


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