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Fortress siege, Foshan ceramics brand rights and struggling

"Roses are red. "In recent years, many fake Foshan ceramic enterprises in the field of ceramic brand, trademark, in order to sell the product. In greater abundance in the form of infringement: products used directly on the original brand of the same or similar trademarks; using tile on bathroom products brand; trademark trademarks be used as tiles for bathroom use; overseas registered brand trademark.

many ceramic enterprises: "rights along a path is very difficult." Through the trade and Industry Bureau, the fair trade Bureau, the fraud Office, Court, law offices and other departments to prosecute in the process of enterprise, encountered numerous difficulties. Even if infringement cases won, due to too little compensation, end results rights company, shaking his head. Rights difficult, Fei Cai exertion, counter-productive status quo defenders have become the industry consensus.

Foshan ceramics is now facing "brand crisis" if serious quality problems caused by the tort damages the brand image of Foshan ceramics, Foshan ceramics brand is likely to burst. At times surrounded by many fake brand, Governments, associations, courts, Foshan ceramic enterprises: how to face up to the brand infringement issues, to take measures to save the crisis? How to make the "rights of way" go easier, the infringer to stop the infringing act? These become Foshan ceramic industry thought-provoking topic.

tort cases

form a variety of tort

new health law firm, Guangdong Lu Zuning, Director:

Foshan ceramic brand infringement is very serious, not only is a ceramic enterprises in a separate, but the entire industry's well-known ceramic brand business facing a very serious situation. Bolts of Foshan ceramics became famous, there are many counterfeit brand infringement. In General, the more well-known ceramic brand, suffered infringement of the more serious.

investigations revealed that in the ceramics industry, Foshan ceramics brand suffered most tort cases, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the field, there are agency specific contributory infringement in Foshan ceramic enterprises registered a counterfeit famous brands of the company, then publicizing the enterprise as the Foshan company.

Foshan ceramic brands subject to tort cases including: enterprise in a hung state large-scale infringement Billboard; trademark infringing the original brand of English minor changes; registered original brand enterprise in the field of trademarks, and sell products in the Mainland, and so on.

in addition, the infringement in the form of more diversified, including directly to the product used and Foshan, a well-known ceramic brand of the same or similar to the trademark use of Foshan, a well-known ceramic tile in bathroom products brands; to Foshan, a well-known brand as the tile logo used in overseas registered brand trademark. General consumer is difficult to distinguish counterfeit branded and genuine brand, but if there is a problem, consumers just to tort claims for corporate head offices.

most of the enterprise with a certain scale, and its low level of production, poor product quality, seriously affected the Foshan ceramics brand reputation. Part of the enterprise through the infringement, from a small workshop to make large companies, corporate rights is also growing more difficult.

"knocked out" more than 78 open 268

Leroy ceramic sanitary ware co, Shunde district, Foshan City, party branch Secretary and Office Director Huo Zhibiao, General Manager:

fraud on Taobao, we "cut" 78 infringement after the shop was, the site lasted 268 in a year, and most of the more than more than 200 products in the online shop for fake. Partial infringement shop was our corporate brand, because the shop most of the products are fake, and there is no service, huge damage to corporate brand image.

in addition, our corporate logo from 2008 after successful registration, there have been many fake ARROW trademark brands, such as ARRCW, ARRQAB, ARRMW, etc. Most of the source of the counterfeit brands in Chaozhou, the infringement is very serious. There are many counterfeit brands currently on the market, such as Japan, Hong Kong Wrigley Wrigley and the United Kingdom, such as Wrigley. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces this year there have been 28 knockoffs of our branded stores, compared with our logo, trademark just changed one letter.

41 the "Mona Lisa" which really?

Guangdong new materials group, President Zhou Yachao, Director of the Office of the Mona Lisa:

"infringement" phenomenon appears in the bathroom a lot, which relate to its product features. Due to the large amount of purchases and use of tile, in the event of infringement, are more easily discovered by consumers. Less due to purchases and use of bathrooms, consumers are more difficult to find violations. Bathroom infringement in the form of trademark counterfeiting and unfair competition.

in Foshan, a large store there is a Guangzhou Monalisa building materials limited opening of sanitary products, played Mona on billboards and its English name, many consumers think the Mona Lisa tiles's products. Currently on the market has also seen the Mona Lisa baths, chaoan industrial brands such as Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa.

recent media reports, the "Mona Lisa" ceramic sanitary ware in the name of the company, registered in Hong Kong has only 41. Local ceramic enterprises in Guangdong to be China well-known trademark new materials group, says of the Mona Lisa, often bought the "Monalisa sanitary products" consumer complaints, but the company did not produce sanitary products.

trademarks are registered as font size

Guangdong Commissioner Qiu Shaojian Eagle brand ceramic Group method:

on one hand, our trademark registration was non-Foshan ceramic enterprises from other provinces into enterprise size, which is more than is the case;

the other hand, some infringement on Taobao shop to sell products at very low prices, including many counterfeit goods.


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