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Decorating season gave birth to household heating times

Into September mid-, weather gradually turned cool, many consumers also select in then for housing decoration, home in Shenyang of Chen Mr early early began consider decoration in the of heating problem Chen Mr where Northeast has been implemented of is concentrated heating, but he is found this heating way has many not reasonable of at, "last year winter, we community some residents not make heating fee, has paragraph time heating not stopped has is temperature too low. We have elderly, children at home, how to live without heat? "This year, Chen is planning to renovate a House, Mr Chen told us that he intends to install heating equipment, central heating is no longer involved in the community.



now, like Chen Mr such of consumers has not minority, with living of improve, they more focused on life quality, and winter heating relates people livelihood, heating quality of upgrade also need diversification of solution programme, points households heating times early dew clues, "himself home of temperature can free regulation, and each a bedroom, each a living room, each a room of temperature are can adjustable. "This is the way most consumers are looking for heating.



to achieve self-sufficiency in heating is a very big project, especially for inexperienced consumers, installing the heating system will not be easy. Consumers need is a professional heating solutions, from design to install a perfect intimate quality service. And in these two areas to open the hearts of Chinese consumers not Germany belong to power in Europe, powers has an unshakable position, market share of 27%, in the world, its share of the market accounted for 22%, in China, 40% annual growth showed its strong market demand.



a layer of autumn cold, winter heating becomes consumer improvement taking into account major projects, household heating times coming, more and more consumers are looking more human, more cost-effective, less energy consumption for heating, and consumer demand is key to provide professional heating solutions, rather than simply the "iron rice bowl".


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