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"Shanzhai" Ocean wallpapers advertised import brand but labels are not

Recently, consumers, Haikou city, Hainan Province, she posted wallpaper ready for his new home, beautify the indoor environment, but took a stroll around Haikou after the wallpaper market, she was stunned. Many businesses advertise foreign brands of wallpaper, all Chinese people as seeming to simply have no choice. Industry insiders remind, wallpaper market trick consumers to be vigilant when buying "shanzhai" Ocean wallpapers. &Nbsp; 

reporters yesterday in Haikou wallpaper market survey found that bright wallpaper behind a lot of fishy, many claims are imported branded wallpaper, but labels are not, some are "three noes" products, homemade wallpaper package is a blank, even the most basic name and address are not identified.  

Golden deer road several stores selling wallpaper, reporters saw almost every shop can come up with dozens of the massive "samples", offer hundreds of samples in the market to choose from. The wallpaper was almost entirely composed of the "foreign brands", merchants would heartily recommend products, Belgium, and Sweden, and Japan, and Korea and the United States and the United Kingdom and other brands, but wallpaper samples all can not read the text on the back, almost invisible product marked with Chinese characters.  

these "foreign brands" wallpaper prices between the more than more than 200 to 450 Yuan per square meter, the boss says wallpaper quality and price are not the same, but are authentic imported brands. Operating in a Korea wallpaper stores, reporters want to see wallpaper package ID, the waiter took out several rolls of wallpaper, the reporter looked at half a day, only to see some talking about Korean, Chinese label does not. Introduction to operating on a regular wallpaper shops, no matter which brand of imported wallpaper, there should be Chinese logo on the outer packaging of the product, or they may be "shanzhai" goods.  

consumers how to identify fake foreign brand wallpaper? a decoration company in Haikou professionals, consumers when purchasing wallpaper, only to see sample in the sample book and posted on the walls of the shop, even insiders are also hard to distinguish between true and false. Consumers can talk to businesses see no shrinkwrap rolls of wallpaper for the bar code. Barcode is a product ID, regular foreign brands are generally different models, different colors have different independent barcode, even under the same model in different colors have different barcodes.

"consumers may require merchants took out several items of the same models of different colors, check the consistency of their bar codes, if all are the same, you are fake foreign brand. "This person said, consumers can also be identified by a phone number, address, and so on, the telephone numbers and addresses of the formal foreign brands have more, and OEM brands usually only write vague words like XYZ Company, consumers will be able to identify ocean wallpaper by the brand's Web site is true or false.


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