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Beware of the room too "warm"

Autumn is good time people began to decorate. Since this time the climate is dry, wooden board is not easy to get damp, coating, paint is easy to do. But at the same time, dry weather will also bring some negative aspects to the decoration, if handled properly, will cause inconvenience to future home life; repair prone to mistake is easy for fall/winter warm bedroom whole-tone design, adverse spring and summer room style adjustments. These are so-called legacy of decoration. Frequently asked questions for some fall decorating, industry experts pointed out that a number of points to note.

1  flooring repairs many times

wood floors shrink, seams increase, different materials interface slots ... ... Lots of summer just finished renovation, a problem in varying degrees occur into the autumn, repeated patching does not work.  

measures: suspension repair

resolution: wood flooring for many years engineer Yu Baoguo pointed out that spring and summer rooms that have been renovated after going into the fall, possibly due to drying and frequent temperature changes, moisture and volatile material shrinkage can cause varying degrees of cracks and gaps.  

due to seasonal causes renovation problems can be properly patched, but best not to immediately repair. Because this is the normal physical changes of decorative materials.

instability due to climate change, material expansion and contraction does not entirely qualitative. If repaired, water continues to evaporate, wall could still continue to crack. So, problems with renovation repair should be carried out in the fall until next spring, after four seasons heating and cooling temperature change, cracking and deformation after the issue is no longer developed, a one-time repair.

2  wood cracks

cool air drying, the wood will not get damp, paint, paint is easy to do, but if the prevention of improper, will also bring some trouble. For example, if there is no proper treatment, the wood surface hairline cracks, side wood line will shrink, and decorative appearance of the Panel.

countermeasures: oil seal

analysis: experts point out that in autumn decoration, wood arrived at the scene should be placed in a ventilated place and seal oil, or wood surface moisture rapidly eroding and hairline cracks. Used as a wood line for solid wood edges texture, moisture content higher than the decorative Panel, after the processing is complete, oil seal on the surface as soon as possible, if the loss of moisture in the wood line, wood line contraction occurs, may also affect the appearance of the decorative Panel.

3  wallpaper crack deformation

these problems fall: newly pasted wallpaper or wall covering was blown over, began to appear local bulge, cock, or crack, no desquamate.  

strategies: water + shade

analysis: with the summer need to wallpapers "ventilation" is different, autumn decoration not only to wallpaper for "water" also posted good wallpaper or wall covering natural shade, but not "ventilation". Saint Qu Chaoxu wallpaper senior engineers pointed out that air is humid in summer, after the normal working, open the doors and Windows to let the wall dry quickly. During autumn decoration, wallpaper, wall tile must be soaked in water before fully and then cementing paving. After the resurfacing, or as open doors and Windows as a summer, let the wall dry quickly. Because doing so is extremely easy to just paving a good wallpaper is dry draught and deformation of water loss. Therefore, in the fall after the stamped wallpaper, wall covering, owners need to close Windows and doors and 1-2 day, wait for the natural shade of the wall.

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