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White collar office workers five Feng Shui standards

Most of the day working in the mental working environment in the Office, both executives and office workers, whether it is a group manager or a company Manager, office location and the interior furnishings were crucial. Auspicious orientation on one of the gas field strategy, courage, wisdom, wealth, career help, so as to better play to their abilities and talents, Office environment will naturally affect the sound decision making, career success or failure and the rise and fall of business. Because in today's society a wide variety of occupations, each person's life and the different mix, Office Feng Shui layout, naturally, is not the same, we of office equipment should comply with the principles of:



white collar office workers five Feng Shui standards

first principles

do not sit on a back-door

If your desk placed near the door, people sit on a back gate, this is a desk placed first to avoid the basic elements, is entered through the door of the Office, Office of air intake and inspiration, including anger and envelope. People if carrying door and sat, seat Hou no relies on, behind has people coming and going of miscellaneous gas impact, long-term so, sat Yu this bit of Office personnel will often are in a subconscious of tension State among, sometimes total think seems to was peep, led to thoughts clutter, decision errors, cannot settled of do each pieces thing, total think floating dry, even will appeared kidney function bad, waist pain, work Shang met villain, and thing non-and so on. This is called in Feng Shui "cold wind blows". Resolve method a is adjustment desk of placed location, for to not back door and sat of azimuth; but for Office of small staff on not too easy adjustment desk of location has, because many desk of location is because work of need and placed of, so we can select a Zhang has back of Chair to sat, such behind not only has by has, also can blocking miscellaneous gas of impact.

the second principle

do not sit on the aisle window

Windows is an inlet of houses would be incorporated into anger or envelope, but a pedestrian walkway outside the window of the window, not only into the comings and goings of impurity gas, there will be pedestrian's footsteps, noise, and other sound like noise interference with their work. If the desk is set to pedestrians under the window, is to put the Desk under some evil spirit; if you need to research the company's secrets, naturally worry about some other people a peep. Working at the desk near the window will settle down to work.

resolve method is: writing desk, try to slightly farther away from the window, distance for the hallway away from the window people not see files on the desk. Also want to use curtains, often with curtains covering the window, thinking to avoid sloshing back and forth of a figure through the window affected workers.

the third principle

don't have Windows

now many high offices in bright French Windows overlooking the podium, there was a high comfort. Some people like the desk placed parallel to the window will be located between the desks and floor to ceiling Windows, window as backers, put in this desk position is wrong. After the Windows, as well as rear door is not available. Windows is a light pleasant entrance, after theory and avoid sitting near the door.

resolve method: first, adjust the desk position; the second is choosing a high back chairs.

fourth principle

after a suitable backer

Feng Shui point of view, the first principle of good Feng Shui is "water holding", that is behind the mountains for relying on, to employees, there is water around in front, to Wang Choi. So must have backer behind the seat just cause in favour of workers, offices of the so-called "anchor" is a wall, seats are leaning against the wall, walls and best not to leave too much space between the seats.

fifth principle

reasonable selection of desk

quality desks today are generally made of wood, but if you avoid wood on Numerology who used wooden desk would be a bad thing. We can avoid selecting on your Numerology to my own desk. If not many quality choices, from colors and styles, we can take advantage of and remedies.

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