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Home bedroom six big taboos

Taboo: too many appliances, especially television is on the foot of the bed  

too many appliances on the Feng Shui in the bedroom is called "fire" effect on our health. Modern medical theory also point out that electrical radiation does damage to human health. Foot is the second heart, is on standby if the TV is on the foot of the bed, its radiation more easily channels affecting the feet and blood circulation.  

expert advice: less placing electrical appliances in the bedroom, especially television is on the foot of the bed, unplug when not in use.



taboo II: bedroom bathroom door opposite the bed  

Feng Shui theory is that the bathroom five line of water, Yin is heavy, easily causing spinal and kidney discomfort.  

survey found that bedroom with toilet, toilet being tenants did most of the bed there is back pain symptoms. This Howard Johnson is to disown the bathroom again, also cannot change the nature of its sewage, poor air quality, and produce more moisture after bathing. If the bathroom door was on the bed, not only easily make the bed wet and easily affect the air quality of bedroom, long leads to back pain in the world, but will also increase the burden of kidney Detox.  

expert advice: put a few in the toilet bowl mud kind of foliage plants, or planting beds earrings between the bathroom door and screen as a block.



taboo III:   area of more than 20 square meters;

ancient Feng Shui theory States that "less is evil", saying that "big house sentiment." Therefore, even the Emperor's Palace, an area of no more than 20 square meters.  

Feng Shui say "popular" is what we later found the "human energy field". The human body is an energy body, emitting energy from outside all the time, like working in the air conditioning, the housing area, the greater the losses, the more energy. Therefore, bedroom area is too bad cause due to excessive energy consumption and decreased immunity, listlessness, decreased judgment, making the wrong decision, and even "bad luck" was sick.  

expert advice: bedroom area at 10-20 square meters is preferred.


taboo IV: the balcony or French window  

bedroom with balcony or French Windows, increases energy expenditure during sleep, easy fatigue, insomnia, power glass body heat could not be saved. The sleep and the open vulnerable is a truth.  

expert advice: choose not to room with a balcony or French Windows to bedroom, or to hang heavy curtains blocked French Windows and a balcony.


taboo v: large Windows, facing East or West  

Feng Shui master pointed out that sleeping in the window, towards East or west-facing room easily, for "light" led "light disaster." Because in a room facing East or West, morning or afternoon strong sunlight will cause the light in the bedroom is too strong, stimulating nerves to the rest, cause insomnia, more people become Prism, impulsive and irritable.

expert advice: select window small room facing north or South-facing bedroom. If had checked into room facing East or West, for the time being impossible to transform, then focus on pulling the curtains at the appropriate time.


taboo VI: the roof directly above the bed with chandelier  

Feng Shui "roof above the bed is equipped with chandeliers" called "chandelier", arguing that "envelope". Bad for your health. Modern psychological studies found that, if the roof directly above the bed is equipped with chandeliers, does give a person with psychological implications, increased psychological stress, affecting the endocrine, causing insomnia, nightmares, respiratory illness and other health problems.  

expert advice: keep the bed just above the roof of the open, the bed uses soft light floor lamps or table lamps.

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