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Raiders bathroom renovation, bathroom renovation

&Nbsp;       due to smaller bathroom common area and the lighting is not ideal, and very moist, so the decoration and layout the bathroom and need to be extra careful.

ground: waterproof, anti-slip. Bathroom flooring, it is best to use a raised pattern of anti-slip floor tiles, the floor tiles are not only very good waterproof property, even in the case of water, not too slippery.

top: moisture, cover the most important. Decorate the bathroom at the top, you want to take care to avoid steam, so it's best to use waterproof performance of PVC gusset plate. This plate can be mounted on the keel, can also play a role in hidden pipes.

circuit: safety first. Bathroom wet, so use caution when you install light bulbs, wires. Lamps and switches are best used with safety protection feature. Connector and latches cannot be exposed.

lighting: bright. Bathroom often use waterproof fluorescent lamp or explosion-proof incandescent lamps. Best in lighting a bit stronger, to make up for the lack of natural light.

Green: to give life. Forgotten corners of the bathroom should not be green. You can choose more shade-tolerant, moisture-potted plants are placed in the bathroom, making it a bit more angry, little bit of coolness.

home frequently asked questions resolution: 

    question: concrete paving the floor what do you need to pay attention to when?  

a: when best buy floor paving, who wear, no running away from responsibility, the grass-roots and moisture content of the floor is a quantitative indicator, common ground and the moisture content of wood joist is lower than 16%, so the floor not being affected with damp, and the distribution of plastic sheeting, mat, and keel must be laid flat.

problem two: blockboard how? what is a blockboard?  

answer: fine woodworking is wood core of outside veneer material processing and into, commonly known as big core Board, it of features is has strength high, quality Caine, screws tight solid sex good, currently is home industry wood for workers mainly push material. on how selected: currently woodworking Board in market Shang brand many, in purchase in the note three big items: first is it of environmental index, environmental index General to reached E1 level above, second is it of plate thickness, plate thickness General in 1.8cm. third is flat degrees. recommends buy Shi brand can consider Jin Fuxiang, Bunny, green and so on.

question three: how to buy stainless steel sinks?  

answer: a material classification 1, 304#, stainless steel sink made of stainless steel, material stainless steel, 2, 202# 3, 201# those types of stainless steel material stainless steel the biggest difference lies in the difference in corrosion resistance, 304 best, somewhat less 202, 201, of course the price difference is huge. So please consumers purchase must make clear to business consulting, carefully trap. The best factory warranty. Two classification 1, surface treatment, Pearl silver, 2, matte, brushed, 4, 3, silk surface, polished mirror. Details please click to view

question four: design aspects which contain?  

a: 1, space to reorganize--using cohesion, transitional, contrast, unified, virtual design, creating a space environment. That is often said that the overall design. Interface-2, space-walls, and roof structure and surface finishing, colors and echo each other, construction technology and requirement. Design basis is often said that the renovation project. 3, built-in design – furniture, decorative structures, decorative embellishment, special components design, including materials used, details, technology, special materials, construction requirements, and so on.

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