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Bathroom, lavatory and door frames, decoration, space, shelf

Family's most intimate spaces are the bathroom, the bathroom space is small, but after we got home, relaxing place. Bathroom decoration must comply with its own habits, not to save money is to use cheaper materials, so that after a problem had to be fixed later, consuming, here we'll take a look at the experts ' recommendations of bathroom decoration several areas in need of attention.

under Insert stainless steel sheet can be moisture-proof

bathroom door often in humid environments, doorcase unknowingly rots if stainless steel sheets in the mosaic at the bottom of the door frame can be moisture-proof.

If the door is damaged, you can saw off the bottom areas of damage, make a proper repair, then stainless steel sheet on the door frame around the block, you can slow down or prevent the decaying process of the entire frame.

install shower basin or the telescopic leader

used to wash your hair at night a bath people, sleep often after making the hair a mess, and there are many who choose to wash your hair in the morning. If only for the hair clean and use of bathing equipment package is very troublesome, so may as well install a shower head or pulling on the basin tap, as well as enjoy a treatment at the Barber's.

Battlement holes placed over goods

bathroom plumbing and ventilation, figment of the Battlement of some rather more space, although not dismantled, but it could be "treasure", such as in bathtub around the Battlement on the several dimensions of the pit, bath supplies will have a place to hide. Fills the hole around the walls covered with the same tiles, beautiful, and expanded storage space, easy to use.

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