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Experts to help you "audit" renovation quotation

experts to help you "audit" renovation quotation

for renovation, the owners concerned in addition to the quality, of course, the price. When the renovation contract signed, decoration companies attach a repair quote. For this, the owners may not know a lot about, due to renovation works involving many projects and materials, so each company reported prices are the same, what is the more expensive the better? Still cheaper more affordable?

Miss LAU's new House just got the keys, happy to decorate, but got a few decoration company to offer price of each company is different, the same apartment, spread over more than 20,000 yuan. What's it all about? Quotes are based on what? Decoration is how to estimate the price? With Miss LAU's question, the reporter interviewed Li Houjun sword decorated with China research and development budgets of the three designers.

Li Gong said, normally, every company has its own final standards, which is under renovation company qualification, material prices, the quality of processes, workers ' compensation, wear machine, and many other considerations, General home improvements can apply this standard, which is after the whole market balance offer results that were, in General, should be standard. But did not rule out some not-formal decoration company, the prices bid up or down, causing confusion in the market. Here, Lee cited some examples, teaches consumers to stitch, see tackling.

lower prices catch

quotes single took to, consumers first on will see price, don't thought quotes low is good, many company caught has consumers of hope less money of psychological, will price pressure have is low, can actually, dang decoration end Hou, consumers a calculation, will found, actual spending than budget price to high out many, this is because in quotes process in the has many "feline". To wardrobe for cases, a, home quotes 720 Yuan, b home quotes 800 Yuan, don't thought a, home is affordable of, actually it will in material Shang find price, like with most thin of plate, or with small indicate within posted, and drawer to addition added money, dang wardrobe do out Hou, consumers found no within posted, too ugly, had to obediently to took money fill Shang; and or it not marked containing hardware accessories, these money are to you plus up. The actual cost will naturally be a lot.

expert advice: get a quote don't worry prices depends on material easy to overlook such as corners and some notes of the parts, these may be non-standard decoration companies cheat. You can, in a quote on the price, material, style, size, whether it contains hardware, or even how many drawers full, the closer the better.

otherwise it's new technology

many owners want their home apart, therefore, tend to choose some rare decoration methods or materials on the market. But new technology is often no quotation basis, so will let unscrupulous businessmen, they'll go to style complex, rare, as well as reason to raise the price of materials, a ridiculous price.

expert advice: prior to the quotation, it is best to go to larger companies around, probably know the basic price of a variety of materials, it can be considered "not fight unprepared battles." In this way, bargained with the decoration company in time, can do the bottom, you know decoration company with raw material, to be much lower than the market price!

design fee charged

many owners do not know designer doing design, how do you accept? If you collect the money how much is the price? Li Gong, design fee is based on the designer's own qualification, sign to set the size of the company in Shenzhen, General design costs differ 60~300/m2 (construction area square meters by count), making costs in mind. Of course, this is done to separate design, if you select a decorating company do the decorating for you, according to the rules of Shenzhen, is waiving the design costs, total renovation costing management fees charged, as appropriate.

expert advice: in fact, consumers do not need a separate look for designers to design, you can take the plane to any decorating company, every professional designer, you can design different home for you, from which you can learn from each other and lessons of the designer's idea of what you like, the final choice of a reliable company, communicate your ideas with designers. Such a design would be more in line with your dreams.

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