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Six to find out the Feng Shui bathroom

Bathroom home in a most intimate place, belongs to an eye in Feng Shui, is extremely important, if the bathroom's Feng Shui problems, may bring their families are unable to predict risk.

first, boil the boil toilet


according to the theory of Chinese traditional family, toilet not in the direction of and in the same direction, heading south in the direction of the door, so when the person is sitting on the toilet when, if surface is toward the South, is guilty of toilet taboo with the House.

boil boil is said to lead life, of course, I did not look in the actual survey residents boil boil, but it can still avoid it.

Second, mutually exclusive bathroom


many schools of Feng Shui believes that shower toilet should not be located in the South, it's also about gossip and azimuth.

for diagrams in the South, five line of fire, and the bathroom five line of water, water bath and toilet located in the South of fire, was the bathroom down fire, as a man of character rush gram too the unease, so ominous.

third, health effects of closed bathroom


some residential bathroom is fully enclosed, no Windows, only the exhaust fan, exhaust fan is not always open.

according to the family's views must have a window in the bathroom, preferably sunlight, air circulation, the reason is very simple, make it easier for the foul air in the bathroom drain, keeping the air fresh. If completely closed and lack of ventilation are bad for family health, the use of air fresheners, just changes the smell of the air, air quality improved.

four fierce, large bathroom


many bathroom Feng Shui books have mentioned should not be located in the Southwest or Northeast, that bathrooms are located in the two main big fierce, yet could not say why, the ordinary mystery.

in fact, this is decided by the GUA Gua, North-East for the Gen Gua, Southwest-Kun Hexagram and its dependent territories, and divinatory bathroom for water, water bath and toilet located at the territory of Burgundy and Khun, so there will be a great disadvantage to soil, water, therefore it is fierce. Orientation on the bathroom law, rules are extremely complicated, and eight House paixuan House rules can be found in one column.

five, affect the fortunes of the toilet location


other than the North, Northeast, and Southwest orientation of the toilet is also dangerous.

If you want to move, and can only moved from the West to Northwest. South orientation lighting, toilet occupy this position, it may affect the luck. Western toilets are also not very good, but as long as there is no unitary year born or girl wedding accommodation, nothing to worry about.

six, shower and toilet are located in the corridor on the edge, like a big hard


If your House has a long corridor, it is necessary to corridors and bathrooms, bathing and lavatory should be installed only on the side of the corridor, and can not be located in the end of the corridor, which is a kind of indoor Street, bathroom was as a corridor into the big hard and extremely harmful to the health of their families. Bathroom decoration and layout of the Ribbon, bathroom also dark, damp from early preliminary towards bright and spacious, people's demand for sanitary ware also began to shift towards leisure and comfort. But in the bathroom dressed up at the same time, must not ignore the existence of Feng Shui taboos.

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