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New decoration tips

At first, not the pursuit of the most comfortable, but first of all, avoid all kinds of comfortable  

 --dedicated to the decoration for the first time my friends;

part one: several concept  

what is 1   decorated? Decoration is the variety of life situations "materialization" to your room, buy the General room design has been completed, not big adjustment, so the remaining is who can decorate decoration (decoration concepts including the room design, decoration, furniture layout, interesting little decorating). Because life is his own, so he had to personally intervene in the renovation process, not only during the decoration design and construction, also live in after long-term continuous improvement.  

2   Basic must better and better: because the demand is unlimited and limited budget, we must distinguish between basic needs and the need for better. Must be "without it, life would be very inconvenient and intolerant" part, in addition to this is the better part, it is constantly growing and changing. On the technical side, must be those who don't do it now, will spend much of the money part, determined by the designer (I have mentioned basically involves common sense), such as utility lines beneath the surface of the wall, is better alarm systems and other expensive difficult thing to accept. This idea comes from "people more sensitive to discomfort, and comfort are endless."  

3   budget to try to clear, it is difficult to control settlement. Demand according to the aforementioned changes, you need a budget to control, with the highest value is not a breakthrough, the minimum value is technically something must be fully realized, this is determined by the designer.  

4   to see the market. Because you are the project manager. And is currently on the market new products and styles, many products contain a comprehensive set of solutions, such as bathroom and kitchen are the integration of design and construction, using these products will make the renovation of overall benefit greatly.  

5   not to 1% too much to consider to achieve will be discarded as soon as possible (such as for short-term guests living considered excessive). Mainly on account of 99% life and facilities it required, emphasis is also about 1/3 but that is critical to the quality of life of these parts (for example, host their own bathroom and kitchen).  

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