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Model the living room in your home

The living room is the fa├žade of a House is both host and guest space to meet and master an important space for leisure, often by their owners as home improvement a top priority. Good living room decoration can satisfy owners receive a visitor and entertainment function, can fully reflect the owner's personality and taste. The following principles, you can have a model living room.

take fully into account the sense of space

generally speaking, the living room to give a spacious feeling, so also special attention in the sense of space. Journalists by communicating with friends in city decoration design was informed that due to Yantai new within the framework of the housing, which is actually for Yantai owners to create their most desirable decoration offers more convenience. For the living room, the sense of space is mainly reflected in the houses on the transparent and light. Owners in the decoration can be used more appropriately transparent sense of strong material, such as glass. If the type is small, you can choose a light colored decoration and furniture to extend the space of Visual effects.

the other hand, the practicability of the living room is also very important. In the decoration, it should be noted that line set reasonable, such as the path from the living room to the study should not discourage other members watch TV. Purchase sofa and TV, to understand the person's eyes from the TV is 3.5 times of the size of the TV Times best.

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